Quick question.

Is a stack of paper timesheets the best way?

We’ve seen it all. Paper forms. Notes scribbled on an envelope. Excel forms. Texts.

They’re all too easy to miss. Unpaid employees are not happy employees.

Too easy to make a typo when copying them over to payroll.
Too time consuming. For you and your office staff, but also inconvenient for your field staff.

Let us show you how you’ll actually save money using our digital timecards.
stack of paper image

Timecards 2.0 - Coming Early 2024

Task Level Billing For Every Project

Individual or Group Reports

Automatic Progress Reporting

Hurt-at-Work Notifications

Integrated Daily Reports

Eliminate Missed Equipment Billing

Automatic End of Shift Checklist

  • All isolation locks removed
  • Equipment safely shut down and fuel shut off
  • Equipment locked
  • Site gates locked
  • Permits closed
  • And anything else you need - tailor your checklist in seconds

Are we a good fit?


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